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Full Mission Simulator (stationary) for pilot of MiG-29 plane (index KTS-21M)
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The simulator is intended to provide flying - tactical preparation for flying stuff of fighting divisions as well as for training of military educational institutions. The simulator provides significant reduction of financial expenses during training. The simulator is created with use the cockpit of simulator KTS-21.

“MIG-29, Sokol-KTS Complex Simulator“
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MIG-29 complex simulator designed to provide the effective training and maintaining pilot skills in operating and combat using the plane, while reducing materials expenses and usage remains.

Full Mission Stationary Complex Simulator for pilot of L-39 plane (ТКС-Л39)
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Purpose simulator: maintaining skills crews drill parts the technique of piloting, navigation and combat employment of aircraft L-39 for air and ground targets.

Процедурный тренажер летчика самолета Л-39
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Процедурный тренажер предназначен для эффективного обучения курсантов и тренировки летчиков, при минимизации использования ресурсов самолета и материально-технического обеспечения.

Tank simulators for firing training of commander and gunner
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The simulators assigned for studying and training the gunners and tank commanders in order to gain and maintain the stable skills in combat actions. The exercises are performing on virtual areas of various types: flat steppe, mountain, desert region and others. Area size is 5 x 5 kms.

The 3-D models of landscape allows to create the movement of tank and targets over the all area.